Focus Group Discussion

Evaluation method: gathering qualitative data

A very nice method to gather qualitative data in an evaluation including "field work" is the Focus Group Discussion. It can give insights into the why of more quantitative data. Additionally, as it is a qualitative interview with a group of people, it can also give you more insight into group dynamics.

The SocialCops Blog gives a very nice explanation of the when and howto of a Focus Group Discussion:

Some lessons to take along in a Focus Group Discussion:

- be clear in your questions, make them open as well as unambiguously as you will want to obtain information on the questions you have as well as foster discussion. 

- make sure everyone feels safe to contribute.

- divide roles and be with a few to facilitate a discussion: 1 facilitator, 1 person taking notes of everything said, 1 observer taking notes of non-verbal communication and group dynamics.

- be aware of the group dynamics while facilitating; those that do not speak out loud can still have a very interesting oppinion.

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