Keep Dancing a tribute to old age

A short movie to remember

The short movie "Keep Dancing" by Greg Vander Veer about two professional balletdansers Marge Champion and Donald Saddler is a beautiful tribute to aging and old age. 

Watch it while it is still free to do so.

Keep Dancing from Greg Vander Veer on Vimeo.

The movie stars two professional dansers in their old age (they are both 90) but takes you through their carreers from a young age as well, and thus shows the change of age. One very true quote by Marge Champion in the movie: "I had to learn a very important lesson, and that is to accept what every decade gives you and not what it takes" . And that is what it is all about. On one side, the interviews show how old age is seen nowadays, as marge says "Old and middle-aged are dirty words". On the other side, the gracefull moves, the interviews, and new choreography also show that there is much beauty to be found in old age. Or as Donald says: "Growing old is a fact" it is how you deal with it that counts.

Wednesday 17 February 2016 - 11:30 am | | Culture and behaviour, All
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